Sen. Doyle ignoring court order to pay woman $6,843

Sen. Doyle ignoring court order to pay woman $6,843

PAWTUCKET – A woman who once did business with Pawtucket state Sen. Jamie Doyle and his Doyle Respiratory says Doyle still hasn’t paid her a penny more than two years after a judge ordered him to start paying down a $6,843 debt to her.

Melissa Bruno, sole owner of Phoenix Administrators LLC, a medical billing company based in Scituate, said she’s still waiting for Doyle’s first payment on the debt, which doesn’t include interest and late fees. The payments were supposed to start in September of 2014, following a court order in December of 2013.

“I’ve sort of resigned myself to never seeing that money,” she said.

Doyle, who serves Senate District 8 Pawtucket is a member of the Senate Finance Committee. He did not respond to a request for comment this week.

Bruno said she and her former business partner, Shelly Harrison, agreed to a $200 monthly payment from Doyle because they doubted whether they would ever see the money they were owed if they demanded a higher amount.

Harrison has since left the company, frustrated, said Bruno, about the difficulties of collecting debts from companies like Doyle Respiratory.

According to Bruno, she went to great lengths to work with Doyle and his attorneys to pursue the money Doyle owes her company for navigating the complexities of the medical billing system on behalf of his company.

Records of correspondences connected to the court case show that Doyle Respiratory, a Pawtucket-based medical equipment company, has had significant financial issues. Attorney John Longo, in a letter to Doyle Respiratory attorney Steven Hart in May of 2014, wrote that Doyle Respiratory was struggling with financial difficulties and that there were four companies with judgments against it. In that letter, Longo stated that Doyle Respiratory owed the Internal Revenue Service “tens of thousands of dollars.” He added that the company was attempting to turn things around and then inquired about a temporary payment arrangement.

Doyle took heat last month when the owner of a local trucking company criticized him for not returning his calls on the controversial truck toll bill. He hinted that the woman was a stalker during a speech on the Senate floor prior to voting for the toll legislation.

Bruno said she first became involved with Doyle Respiratory in 2012 because of Doyle’s sales pitch. He was “a very charismatic guy,” she said, and “was able to just sell you whatever he wanted you to believe.” She said she went into that first meeting with Doyle thinking the best about him because a family friend had recommended that she go see him to solicit business.

Bruno said she’d worked in medical billing for years before her Warwick-based employer was sold to a Canadian company and the medical billing department was axed. She said she decided to set out on her own when she realized she wouldn’t be able to get the job and pay she was accustomed to.

Doyle Respiratory was one of her company’s first clients, said Bruno, and the company’s dealings with him “changed the course of our lives.” She said it took her a while to recover from the lost money and the departure of her business partner and she still thinks often about the money she’s owed. In her pursuit of the money from Doyle, she’s also had to pay her own court costs.


entitled scumbag RI democrat politician.


Kid can't run a business either

I’ve always felt that what happens to our elected officials in their personal/private work life should not be held against someone. It is unfortunate that Sen. Doyle’s business fell on hard times like so many others in that industry and in our state. However, I feel that he is not using that experience to better serve his constituents. He also is displaying another example of his “I don’t care” attitude by ignoring the court mandated payment plan.

I hope someone does decide to take him up on his “come get me challenge” and I hope that person is Councilor Cano. Now, regardless of what you feel or think about her time on the council and school committee, and I personally have been a critic, I feel that if nothing else she will appreciate and respect the office more than Sen. Doyle. She will be more responsive than Sen. Doyle to the constituents of the district and she will work harder than Sen. Doyle.

Please Councilor Cano, at least think about it. And I hope others encourage her just the same.

Mr. Doyle is still too afraid to answer to contituants and ducks commnt from the Vallye Breeze. "Come at me" he said but cowardly declines. My Harold would never have put up with this. Show some respect for the CITY you REPRESENT and stop behaving like a spoiled brat. Spare the rod spoil the child! Get back to CHURCH sir


I have to agree with AvidReader. His comments are on point. What has Senator Doyle accomplished for the City of Pawtucket? I also do not like the comments he has been making in the newspapers. He sounds very arrogant. I believe that Sandra Cano would be a great asset to the State House and would accomplish more for the City of Pawtucket then Doyle has or would. I would support Sandra Cano if she was to run for the Senate seat against Doyle. I believe she would win. Sandra, please think about this. Doyle needs to go. WE NEED SOMEONE WHO WILL REPRESENT PAWTUCKET WELL.

Four judgements against his company, owes the IRS money. Who knows what else. Sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Dig for it Ethan!!!!