Issa says he’ll work for jobs training

Issa says he’ll work for jobs training

CENTRAL FALLS – Part of the foundation of attracting new business and jobs in Rhode Island is having a skilled workforce available, said Senate District 16 candidate Dan Issa in a release.

“We need to do more to partner with our educational institutions to match educational training with workforce job needs,” he said.

As a former chairman of the Senate Education Committee, and former member of the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education, Issa said he is equipped to work with all parties to make it happen.

“We need to do more to reduce unemployment in Rhode Island,” he said. “Our two cities of Central Falls and Pawtucket have some of the highest unemployment rates in Rhode Island.”

The state needs leadership that tries to attract more jobs with better pay.

“This will be one of my goals when elected to the Senate,” said Issa.

He said it is apparent that incumbent Sen. Betty Crowley “has not been able to achieve this for us, nor has there been any appreciable effort to knock down our unemployment rate.”

“On Sept. 13, we need a voice, not an echo representing us,” he said, saying voters should “make a positive change to get some leadership for our Senate district.