Lombardi: No phone calls about overall plowing effort

Lombardi: No phone calls about overall plowing effort

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The town escaped the two snowstorms of the past week relatively unscathed when it came to calls of complaint from residents, said Mayor Charles Lombardi, and he’s taking the quiet phone lines as a good sign that the plowing job was done well.

Residents were not quiet on social media sites, with some slamming the town’s efforts. One resident called local plowing operations a “disgrace” compared to efforts in neighboring towns like Lincoln.

Lombardi said the town’s overall plowing efforts have improved greatly since the infamous February snowstorm four years ago. Some people will never be happy, he said, but residents overall seemed to recognize that workers were doing what they could under difficult circumstances the past two storms.

“We did the best we could,” he said.

Tough factors for both storms included a high rate of snowfall, parking ban violations, motorists driving on the road during the storm, and strong winds.

Part of what caused issues during the 2013 storm was having to pull plow drivers off the roads for their safety, said Lombardi. That didn’t happen during back-to-back storms last Thursday and Sunday, leading to a continuous plowing effort.

Most of the phone calls that did come in to town offices during the two storms of the past week were for requests to address smaller issues like snow on a certain corner, said Lombardi. There were no calls from residents saying they couldn’t get to work or that the roads were impassable, he said.

One resident complained to The Breeze that her street wasn’t plowed until 9 p.m. last Thursday. Lombardi said he would consult with Public Works Director Bernie Salvatore to see what the issue was on that street in Lymansville.

The town’s total budget to address snow this winter is $300,000, said Lombardi. About half of that had been spent prior to last Thursday’s storm. Another $40,000 or so was spent on last week’s storm and another $20,000 on Sunday’s storm. That leaves about 35 percent of the snow budget remaining, said Lombardi, meaning the town is still on track with its winter budget.

Police again cracked down on motorists disregarding the town’s parking ban, said Lombardi. As with a storm in early January, about a dozen cars were towed over the past week.


Bernie did a great job on the overall street plowing. Pretty obvious when driving on Providence streets.
Good job all the way around.

He was no where to be found and the plowing sucked !

Anyone that had a complaint about the plowing didn't leave town during the storms. NP did a very good job compared to other towns. Providence was a disaster. Granted there were some areas that needed assistance but the minute you notified the town was all over it. Idle complaints on the media didn't serve you well and clearly "Roadbuilder" can see that now.

Next storm come to Garfield street and check it out. Still 2-4 feet from curb unless you snow blow yourself! It's so rutted now with leftover snow it's like being on a roller coaster! It could have been cleaned up while the snow was melting on Tuesday. But sure, pat yourself on the back Charlie!

I think the town has hired Kellyann Conjob with her "Alternative Facts" because plowing sucked in Marieville. The Breeze did get one thing right, social media was flooded with pictures and complaints. Maybe the Mayors office should get a Facebook paged so they can see what's going on. What happened to "What's Going On In North Providence" Facebook page. Oh that's right, the election is over. People don't call DPW because the phone is either busy or no one answers. The Mayors office doesn't return calls, so why bother. It's the same year after year, storm after storm. Maybe it's where you live that the streets get plowed curb to curb. Maybe the Mayor should take a ride to Marieville from MSA at Adams to Dickinson to Gillen Ave. and check out the streets himself.

I did a great job snowblowing the intersection where I live so cars could negotiate the turn.
The town plow people need a little refresher class on how to correctly clear an inttersection that is not in their own neighborhood.
I would have also treated the road since the town left my hill a thick sheet of ice, but I figure the high taxes would cover that. Nope.
Not on my street. I wish I lived near Lil chuckie, I bet his road was bare pavement!

Justice St & Standish Ave again was only plowed on one side of the road, unfortunately as usual.