Great Road work will continue through May

Great Road work will continue through May

Tuesday morning, crews from Pawtucket Hot Mix Asphalt were working at the site in preparation for repaving the road. The street was expected to be closed to all travelers, aside from local traffic, for most of this week. (Breeze photos by Brittany Ballantyne)

LINCOLN – A section of Great Road, one of the oldest roads in the state, is getting a facelift.

For the next week, the section of the street that runs between the intersection of Route 116 and just past Anna Sayles Road will be repaved, Town Engineer Leslie Quish says.

A majority of the work was expected to be completed this week between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Quish said, explaining most delays and road closures would happen during the day through Friday, April 21. Work began at the site around Wednesday, April 12, when crews began to pull up manhole covers and replace one section of a drainpipe along the route.

The town worked out the timing of the road construction with the School Department’s April vacation week in mind, Quish said, as this section of the road is used frequently by commuters that travel to and from Lincoln Middle School and Lincoln Central Elementary.

The goal, Quish said, was to finish removing the current pavement by the end of last week, and the area was expected to have layers of base course put down this week, making for a smoother drive for travelers.

Roads will always be open at night and on weekends, Quish said, and there will be access for local traffic, though residents should expect some delays. She explained the town is advising travelers to avoid the route.

Crews are expected to complete the 3-week project around May 5, depending on weather, she explained, before repaving the entire length of Amica Center Blvd. That project is also expected to take three weeks, and is slated to be finished by the end of May, Quish explained.

The total budget for road projects in the 2016-2017 fiscal year stands at $1,050,000. As reported previously by The Breeze, projects that are completed, or will be finished in the fiscal year, also include:

• Bouvier Avenue, entire length of road, including curbing and sidewalks

• Ascension Street, from Bouvier Avenue to Railroad Street, including curbing and sidewalks

• Pothier Street, entire length of street, including curbing and sidewalks

• Gaulin Street, entire length of road, including curbing and sidewalks


A portion of Great Road is getting a facelift, and a repaving project started last week, where crews pulled up manhole covers and replaced a drainpipe in the area. On Tuesday morning, crews from Pawtucket Hot Mix Asphalt were at the site. Above, Kevin Walsh of Attleboro works to smooth out the surface of one section of the road before it's repaved.