Council appears poised to support purchase of residential trash totes

Council appears poised to support purchase of residential trash totes

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Some members of the Town Council say they believe the full council will support the purchase of new trash bins for all residents at a budget meeting planned for this Thursday, May 18.

The town could land new trash totes for all residents without impacting the local tax rate, said member and finance subcommittee leader Raymond DeStefanis. Buying the wheeled carts through a contract extension with MTG Disposal would also go a long way toward curbing North Providence’s ongoing problem with rats, he said.

Councilor Steven DiLorenzo, who pushed to have the purchase of trash totes be part of this year’s budget deliberations, said he thinks it’s a “distinct possibility” that the full council will approve buying the totes. He said town leaders have been diligent in doing their homework on the proposal, adding that he doesn’t see reasons not to do it.

The council will consider the addition of the carts as part of its budget discussions this Thursday. A special workshop, planned as a continuation of a May 3 meeting, will be held at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

DeStefanis said he doesn’t believe the town would feel much impact from the $129,000 a year needed for the carts, as North Providence is regularly achieving surpluses, and he believes there are more cuts to be found in the budget.

The councilman also noted that the first payment on the carts wouldn’t be due until next year, so the new spending wouldn’t be felt in this year’s budget. The council on Thursday will be looking to trim some or all of $800,000 or more in spending that council members previously added to Mayor Charles Lombardi’s budget.

Contrary to prior reports, the cost of the bins equates to less than 20 cents a year on the rate, but DeStefanis said he thinks the council can find more than enough cuts in the budget to make up for that amount and avoid an increase.

DiLorenzo said the benefits from adding the 95-gallon bins would be significant, helping with the rodent problem, giving senior citizens an easier way to get trash to the curb, and maybe even limiting the amount of trash the town is sending to the landfill.

The town already uses wheeled totes for recycling, and MTG is proposing adding automated bin pickup for trash.

Lombardi this week said he doesn’t have a problem working with the council to make potential changes to his budget, “fine-tuning” the proposal to pay for things like a revamped automated service.

“I have no problem working with them to try to figure this out,” he said.

A five-year extension on the town’s current deal with MTG, which would push it to 2023, would cost the town almost $200,000 more per year when factoring in $129,000 a year to pay for the carts.

An extension would allow MTG to stretch the cost of buying new carts and buying new automated vehicles, according to a proposal from the company.

Each of the new totes would fit the equivalent of about three regular trash barrels or seven trash bags, according to MTG.


Spend $129,000 on trash barrels but eliminate a lieutenant in the police department?????

Are we filling up the retirees and two person home owners with a another too big, for normal sized families, 95 gallon containers? Rats are the reason we all go giant sized? "North Providence is regularly achieving surpluses", could that be due to lack of management and financial planning with too high a tax rate? "Helping with the rodent problem, giving senior citizens an easier way to get trash to the curb", who is this guy?
Ask Manny G about how rats can eat through any plastic container, that is not the fix, it's rat control. I have never in my life seen such a disregard for taxpayers as in NP. No plan, we need a business manager.

While I have not seen one rat in my area (Fruit Hill/Centredale), I am happy that we are getting new covered trash bins. I'm sick and tired of seeing certain neighbors on or even days before trash day have uncovered & battered trash bins billowing over, or some that even just throw their trash bags to the curb without any bin--letting trash blow around the neighborhood on a windy day. Providence saves money by utilizing town-owned trash bins with their automated service, and nicer communities than North Providence, like Smithfield also utilize the automated service without a hitch.

I do think that Mr. DeStefanis, the council and the mayor need to negotiate a much better deal with MTG here. It sounds like they are taking the town and the taxpayers for a ride.
As for grarnold's comment about Manny G's belief that a rat can eat through the plastic container....That is incorrect. Rest assured, if the new recycling and covered trash totes are treated properly with the covers closed, rats will be unable to feast on the contents or eat through them.
The rat problem is not town-wide, it is centered around Woonasquatucket area where the rats were displaced due to the mill construction, and made new homes in dumpsters outside the many apartment complexes and commercial properties with poorly maintained dumpsters and trash service.

I disagree with the others who commented about our budget; I think its a good thing to have a surplus! While considering a tax cut in the very near-future, we also should invest in our town by selling unused town assets, purchasing land and clearing it for parks and recreation, open space (like baseball and soccer fields) and instill limits on the new properties being built to require larger plots, and more desirable building materials and designs. Currently our awful planning board allows new homes to be shoved anywhere they can squeeze them, and they are "affordable", have little to no yards, and are of cheap building materials like the atrocity (Waterview Lane) that was allowed to be built adjoining Peter Randall State Park, and also what's about to be built on upper Fruit Hill Ave behind Fatima Hospital. Besides the Town pool and a few small parks, we seriously lack open space and recreational facilities in this town. The Mayor and the Council need to very seriously consider the land between Centredale school and Hobson Ave, behind Wine and Cheese Restaurant--since it is one of the last, if not the last piece of land undeveloped in the town that can be used for recreation.

with nprov on this one, my neighborhood also has a few people who can't be bothered to use a trash can and just leave the bags on the curb. I wonder if these people will be passed by on trash day if they don't use the new bins, maybe they should also receive some sort of fine if they continue to do so.

Unfortunately rats do eat thru plastic but to the real point as mentioned above, this bucket brigade from the town council and Mayor is a maneuver to trap the taxpayers for more taxes. Having neighbors that don't practice recycling will not stop them from throwing their stuff in any container that a truck operated dumpster will not detect. Call the Mayor's office and tell him to make a call to your neighbors. Two of those huge containers outside houses will be more of an eyesore every day to neighborhoods than one blue one now.