Police issue nearly 700 tickets for violations of parking ban

Police issue nearly 700 tickets for violations of parking ban

PAWTUCKET – Since May 8, Pawtucket police officers have issued 649 tickets to residents for violating an on-street parking ban on recycling and street sweeping days.

Officials used the month of April to implement new policies on recycling and street sweeping days, issuing numerous warnings and providing information to those who violated the rules that month.

The tickets being handed out in May are more affordable than the ones for many violations in the city. At $15 apiece, the 649 tickets represent a total value of $9,735.

Residents complained on social media last week after receiving tickets, several saying they were unaware of the new rules, which require that residents move cars off the street on their assigned days for recycling and sweeping.

The week starting May 8 was the first week for combined recycling pickup and street sweeping this month.

The new program tying sweeping days to twice-a-month recycling days is meant to promote a “cleaner and greener” city, say members of Mayor Donald Grebien’s administration.

Officials say they’ll continue to educate residents on the changes.

They say they’re receiving far fewer calls about the new rules than they did in April. The new policies took effect April 10.