Second Stage Studio closing doors at 1 Angell Road

Second Stage Studio closing doors at 1 Angell Road

Second Stage Studio has operated at 1 Angell Road, in Cumberland, for the past 10 years.
Building sold last summer; new owner asks arts studio to move out

CUMBERLAND – As Second Stage Studio in Cumberland was celebrating its 10th anniversary, its founder and artistic director, Joanne Vecchio, announced that the arts studio must move out of 1 Angell Road, after being notified by the building’s owner.

In a letter sent to The Breeze, Vecchio said over the past decade, Second Stage Studio has transformed an old industrial building into a center with an art gallery, vocal and recording studios, conference room, theater room and “The Angell Café,” where coffee was served during events.

The studio was founded in February 2007 and has served as a space for youngsters and adults to work on their theatrical skills and take private voice, piano, yoga, violin and art classes, and for artists to have a platform to perform, sometimes for the first time in front of an audience.

According to town records, the 2,372-square-foot building, constructed in 1950, is owned by Bluestone Development Group LLC, and was sold last summer for $422,000.

Neither the building owner nor Vecchio returned calls from The Breeze.

Vecchio’s letter said, “I will continue. Not sure how. Not sure when. Not sure where. But sure because I firmly believe that the creative arts are the missing link in education and in everyday life.

“Stop for a moment and notice the arts. Look up, down and all around. Art is everywhere, and creativity is in your soul. You know it is,” she said.

The mission statement of Second Stage Studio reads in part, “We believe that the creative arts are essential elements in education, in learning, in developing, in maturing. Students at Second Stage Studio are learning to express themselves via the written and spoken word taking the shape of prose, poetry, song, art and performance.”