Newly repaved section of Route 116 in Lincoln cracking already

Newly repaved section of Route 116 in Lincoln cracking already

Grass grows out of cracked paving along Route 116 in Lincoln. (Breeze photos by Ethan Shorey)
Lack of curbing on median leading to erosion

LINCOLN – A section of Route 116 between Lincoln High School and the state’s salt shed near Mendon Road is already seeing some cracking, one year after it was repaved.

The damage stems from a lack of curbing in some areas of the sloped stretch. When rain falls, water rushes down the hill and wears the ground on the median away. In some spots, the resulting trench at the edge of the road is nearly a foot deep, and dirt has washed away from under the roadway.

The one-mile section of roadway was repaved last July, following years of complaints about the deteriorated surface. The road had long offered one of the bumpiest rides in Rhode Island.

During a meeting at The Valley Breeze offices last August on a range of topics, DOT staffers were asked about the decision not to add new curbs as part of the repaving project and were told that it would lead to the problems that are now being seen. Director Peter Alviti and others said at the time that they would look into the situation to see why new curbs weren’t incorporated.

DOT spokeswoman Liz Pettengill said Tuesday that the Route 116 project has been closed out in the state agency’s books, but said the project manager for that work agreed to go check out the situation.

The roadway already had some existing curbing when the repaving was done last July, but many sections had sunk so low over time that machines paved right over them. Curbing in other spots appeared to have crumbled away before the project began. Most of the missing curbing and damage is on the side of the road heading away from Cumberland and toward Lincoln High School.

Pettengill said the DOT has plans to add guardrails to either side of the median on this section of Route 116, but that project won’t happen until 2020.

Last summer’s repaving project was done at the same time as a separate job to improve the dangerous intersection at Route 116, Old River Road and Anna Sayles Road. That $450,000 project included new traffic signals, crosswalks and repaving.

Pettengill said the repaving of the longer stretch was done as part of a $4.5 million repaving bond. The exact cost couldn’t be determined because it was lumped in with other projects, she said.

Water continues to erode Route 116 near the Lincoln/Cumberland line, leading to cracking at the edge of the roadway. Repaving of the 1-mile stretch of road was completed last July.


Looks like another great opportunity for a blue sign with dots for the governor's next campaign!

This is how RIDOT does their work. Built in obsolescence, why would they do anything right the first time? Then they can't rely on another 15-20 years of repairs, why do you think it's damn near impossible to get a job with RIDOT unless, here it comes.... You know a guy.