Woonsocket woman leads police on chase, strikes cruiser

Woonsocket woman leads police on chase, strikes cruiser

WOONSOCKET – A city woman led police on car chase through the Diamond Hill area and into Massachusetts on Tuesday, July 11, hitting a cruiser and nearly striking an officer with her boyfriend's vehicle, according to reports.

Regina Morris, 19, of 17 Rathbun St. is facing 11 different charges, including four felonies following the incident, which first began at Little Caesar's Pizza on Diamond Hill Road, where she reportedly got into a fight with her boyfriend, 32-year-old Michael Lee.

Morris, who reportedly recently had a child with Lee, said she found lipstick in his glove compartment that didn't belong to her.

Lt. Edward Doura said that he was at a different incident on Elm Street around 3 p.m. when Morris and Lee "screeched to a stop" in front of him in a 2004 red Sante Fe Hundai. Lee appeared to be hitting Morris, according to the report, and Doura noted that Lee was bleeding as he placed him in handcuffs.

While he was detaining Lee, Morris climbed from the backseat into the driver's seat of the car and drove away, according to reports.

Responding to the incident, Officer Matthew Labine chased Morris down Social Street into Massachusetts before she made a u-turn in the parking lot of Bellingham Electric on Pulaski Boulevard.
Morris then headed back into Woonsocket, avoiding traffic by entering the opposite lane of travel. A second cruiser, containing Officers David Wahl and Philip Kamer was headed toward the chase on the other side of the road.

"The vehicle avoided the traffic in our lane of travel by entering the opposite lane of travel directly toward Detective Wahl and Sgt. Kamer's cruiser," wrote Labine in his report. "I saw Sgt. Kamer exit his cruiser as the vehicle approached them (and) it appeared as it was going to stop. It then went off up on the curb and off the roadway just missing Sgt. Kamer, who was standing outside the passenger side door."

Morris then turned right on Diamond Hill Road, left onto Rathbun Street, and then left onto George Street. As she turned back onto Social, Kamer and Wahl were turning onto George, still in pursuit.

Labine said Morris again slowed down as if to stop, then accelerated quickly, crashing into the passenger side door of the cruiser. She was finally stopped at the corner of Social and Rathbun Streets, where she was extracted from the vehicle, according to reports.

Morris is facing four charges of felony assault with a dangerous weapon, violation of a no contact order, domestic assault, reckless driving, failure in duty to stop, obstructing an officer and driving with an expired license.

Lee was charged with domestic assault.