New receivership program allows city to tackle 6 ‘nuisance’ properties

New receivership program allows city to tackle 6 ‘nuisance’ properties

PAWTUCKET – Mayor Donald Grebien announced last week that the city placed a first round of “abandoned and problem” properties into a bankruptcy-like receivership process.

With the help and support of the City Council to strengthen local ordinances, a new receivership program is designed to ensure cleaner, safer neighborhoods for residents, and positively impact surrounding property values, said Grebien.

City officials identified six “nuisance” properties and petitioned the Rhode Island Superior Court to place them into receivership to move forward with addressing them.

“The receivership process is another tool for the city to improve the quality of life, property values and aesthetics for our residents and neighborhoods,” said Grebien in a statement. “We hear about these problem properties from residents who take pride in their neighborhood, and have made it a priority. We will be moving aggressively to have these problem properties cleaned up, as well as others across the city.”

Two of the properties were appointed a receiver to oversee their cleanup, rehabilitation, and eventual sale. Four of the properties have new owners who are working to remedy all issues on the property. The city will continue to monitor their progress.

The two properties in receivership are on Ballston Avenue and Randall Street. Properties with new owners include one on Sterry Street and another three units on Englewood Avenue.

The city is also in the process of preparing a second round of properties to be placed in receivership. Grebien said he and the council will continue to address the needs of the residents and their quality of life issues.