Leaders are cheerleading for new PawSox stadium

Leaders are cheerleading for new PawSox stadium

I have much respect for Senate Finance Committee Chairman William Conley, Jr., but his Aug. 29 comments concerning the statewide PawSox hearings is just simply a foul ball and pure bologna. His suggestion that the hearings are not meant as a “cheerleading” exercise for the PawSox owners and that the mission is to give every Rhode Islander a voice in the issue is totally ridiculous and insulting!

Our state leaders are making an extraordinary effort to shove this taxpayer stadium down our throats, and they are absolutely cheerleading for these out-of-state billionaire owners!

As a matter of fact, the Senate Finance Committee is now doing the job that the PawSox management failed to do two years ago by going around the state of Rhode Island convincing residents that a new taxpayer-funded stadium is a good investment. I haven’t once heard the PawSox ownership ask Rhode Islanders directly for the money. This may, in fact, be history in the making by taking an entire Senate Finance Committee around the state to push for public subsidies for billionaires. The only thing missing is the big top over this circus.

Where were the statewide hearings for the bus passes legislation? Where were the statewide hearings for lunch shaming legislation? Where were the statewide hearings for domestic violence legislation? Shame, shame, and shame for this outrageous attempt to make this look as if it isn’t a cheerleading effort for the billionaire Pawsox owners! This is, in fact, an extraordinary cheerleading effort, the likes none of us have ever witnessed.

The fix is in my fellow taxpayers, so we had better speak up at these hearings and also contact our state officials, or we will surely revisit the convention center and 38 Studios fiascos. We are still paying for the convention center which was supposed to be revenue neutral, just like #38 Stadium is supposed to be.

Now is the time!

David Norton