Town purchasing camera to inspect pipes

Town purchasing camera to inspect pipes

CUMBERLAND – Officials are seeking bids from companies for a pipeline inspection camera to be used to diagnose blockages in the town’s drainage systems.

Highway Supervisor Frank Stowik said the planned purchase of the camera would follow up the $52,000 purchase of a mini excavator now being used to replace pipes around town.

By purchasing the two pieces of equipment, town officials are complying with the requirements of a settlement they reached in May with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management over the unauthorized discharge of stormwater into local waterways more than a decade ago. The town avoided an $87,000 fine by agreeing to buy the two pieces of equipment.

Much of an additional estimated $300,000 long-term cost of the settlement will come from the work of actually finding and addressing spots where sewers are emptying into bodies of water.

Stowik said the camera will be used to address sewer issues, including blockages from tree roots, illegal sewer tie-ins, deterioration of pipes, and problematic pipe outflows. It will essentially be used to inspect all town-owned systems, he said.

The work on the local sewer system will lead to cleaner water in Cumberland’s waterways, according to the agreement reached in the spring.