Town officials debate merits of adding more speed bumps

Town officials debate merits of adding more speed bumps

NORTH PROVIDENCE – When Town Councilor Raymond DeStefanis asked about borrowing one of the town’s 16 temporary speed bumps to address speeding on a local road over the summer, he said he was told that all of them were already in use.

DeStefanis, during a Town Council meeting last week, asked if the town might buy more of the temporary traffic-calming devices so they’re available if needed.

Mayor Charles Lombardi said he would prefer to avoid spending $2,800 for each new temporary speed bump, and possibly entertain the idea of adding permanent speed bumps in some neighborhoods if all residents on those streets want one. He cautioned that speed bumps sound better in theory and residents often ask that they be taken out after they’ve been in for a while.

“It’s a tough call,” he said.

Even buying 10 more temporary speed bumps would cost the town some $28,000, he said. In about another month, all temporary bumps will be pulled off the road for the colder months.

Permanent speed bumps are actually cheaper to install, said Lombardi, but may not be as effective as police enforcement in slowing down speeders. He’s asked police Chief David Tikoian to answer council members’ requests for “selective enforcement” in certain areas.

Residents often find that the nuisance of having bumps in their neighborhood isn’t worth it for them, said Lombardi.

The mayor drew a laugh from the council when he recalled the story of the Wenscott Lane woman who previously “led the band” in asking for a speed bump on that road. Shortly after the device went in, she had a sign on her lawn asking people to call the mayor to have the speed bump removed.

“She was so mad that the speed bump she asked for went in, that she moved,” said Lombardi.

Chief of Staff Dick Fossa confirmed the story.

Fossa and Lombardi urged council members to make sure they don’t take one resident’s request as representing a whole neighborhood’s wishes. In some cases, said the mayor, he’s received calls from residents as workers were putting a speed bump in asking that the bump be taken back out.

The speed bumps also present somewhat of a public safety challenge, said Lombardi, as they slow down fire trucks, police cars and ambulances.


You guys have to be kidding, name one road you can drive on in NP that doesn't have pavement ripples, dips, sunken manhole covers or missing pavement. Driving to miss town standard road obstacles is challenging enough and it cost the car owners for repairs.

What a waste of money and time!!!!!! Stop with the speed bumps and all the stop signs!!!

I totally agree with tanjiers. I sometimes wonder how much thought is put into some of these proposals. Where is the common sense?
Let's focus on the real issues that the town needs to deal with!

I remember a while back the Mayor asked for a report on all of the illegal stop signs that were put up and he both wanted them removed and the money returned to all those who got tickets. WELL MR. MAYOR, WHAT IS THE STATUS OF SAID PROJECT ???????????????????? You started it, did you ever finish it?????????????????? I know, sorry, know disrespect Mr. Mayor, you were blowing smoke up everyone's butt. I bet this got swept under the rug, YUP< I'M RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

worry about the stop signs, no one obeys them anyway.

"Speed bumps, we don't need no stinking speed bumps"....

Or more stop signs....for that matter.
The richest guy in North Providence, the one making the stop signs and orange cones...
Lot of bumps in NP, too much government....

Lets get this Mayor and Town council to focus on some real work
Not a ridiculous Crusade against the Senior Center
Not getting so worked up and holding closed door meetings for a poorly placed Public Safety Complex that's not needed...and No Charlie your name is not going on it!

How about doing some work on Property Tax relief...The Town is bleeding good residents because of being taxed so high.
How about being more Pro-business and get some Businesses here...and No Dollar General and a Verizon Store doesn't count
How about you look at Traffic patterns on MSA and look to alleviate the time it takes to travel on the road!

And lastly How about you put the Mayor on notice to stay out of personnel matters at the Police and Fire Depts The Legal bills from his involvement and incompetence is staggering