Business owner wants Sen. Doyle found in contempt of court

Business owner wants Sen. Doyle found in contempt of court

Lawmaker again falling behind on his payments

PAWTUCKET – Sen. Jamie Doyle is heading back to court, once again accused of falling behind on his required payments to a local businesswoman.

Melissa Bruno, owner of Scituate-based Phoenix Administrators, told The Breeze the last $200 payment she received from Doyle was on May 11. That puts him three months behind, or $600 owed immediately and thousands more in debt still outstanding.

“I wish I could say that he consistently paid up to that point, but the truth is the payments were very seldom paid on time, and then only after my attorney sent Doyle’s attorney a reminder email,” she said.

Bruno said her attorney, Steven Hart, suggested that they stop hounding Doyle for the money to see what would happen. As she expected, the payments from the District 8 state senator ceased in the spring.

“Leopards don’t change their spots,” said Bruno.

Hart filed a motion to find Doyle Respiratory in contempt of court on Sept. 6. Doyle and his attorney, John Longo, are due in court Sept. 22 to answer the motion.

Doyle did not return a call to his cell phone. Longo said Monday that he and his client would be responding to the court filing.

According to a payment schedule provided to The Breeze by Bruno, Doyle had paid $3,420 on his debt of $7,000 as of May 11. Court-ordered payments started on May 19, 2016. After initially paying more to catch up, Doyle is back to $200 monthly payments.

Bruno said she doesn’t really dwell much on the money Doyle still owes her, but she remains committed to holding the senator accountable.

“I don’t ever count on the money, but I’m not willing to let it slide either,” she said.

Bruno took Doyle back to court last spring after he failed to comply with a judge’s order to pay her for her company’s medical billing services.

Doyle, the son of former Pawtucket Mayor James Doyle and a member of the Senate Finance Committee, claimed last year that Bruno’s Phoenix Administrators was the last company he had to reach an agreement with as he worked to pay off debts of nearly $100,000, including liens on his home and business.

Longo said last year that Doyle did not agree to personally guarantee Doyle Respiratory’s $7,000 debt to Bruno as part of court proceedings, meaning she can’t sue him personally if he fails to pay.

Longo in the past called Bruno’s actions against Doyle a way to get attention for herself and create “a circus.” He previously said she would have been better off trying to resolve the business dispute directly with Doyle.

Doyle originally failed to comply with a court order in December of 2013 demanding that he pay Bruno $200 monthly installments on his $7,000 debt starting in August 2014. After an initial payment of $400, he stopped paying her.


Immoral, incompetent, under qualified. Why do you keep reelecting this guy, Pawtucket? Better people have challenged him.