Former Town Council member found not guilty on stomping accusation

Former Town Council member found not guilty on stomping accusation

SCITUATE – Former Town Council member Dwight Farrar was found not guilty of simple assault or battery by Judge Stephen Isherwood on Sept. 8 in Kent County Court.

The charges stemmed from a contentious April 13 Town Council meeting, during which Housing Authority appointee Richard Finnegan claimed Farrar assaulted him.

In a statement provided to The Valley Breeze & Observer following the not guilty verdict, Farrar said his personal freedom was hindered by a “fabricated story.”

“Since last April my family and I have been dealing with a situation that was forced upon us by people who hold leadership positions in the town of Scituate,” Farrar said. “After eight court dates held at the Kent County Courthouse, spread over five months, a judge has ruled that I am not guilty of simple assault battery.”

Finnegan could not be reached for comment.

Back in April, Councilor Scott Amaral said he witnessed the entire incident unfold from the stage in the Scituate High School auditorium.

After the council voted to remove Brian Carpenter from the Housing Authority, Amaral said he saw Farrar get up from his seat in the auditorium and walk “animatedly” toward Finnegan.

“I actually thought he was going to punch him,” Amaral said in an interview.

The councilman said he saw Farrar stomp on Finnegan’s foot and then continue to walk down the aisle of the auditorium and out the doors.

Councilor Nick Izzi also provided sworn testimony during the trial.

The case weighed heavily on these eyewitness accounts since a video recording of the meeting did not capture the alleged confrontation on camera.

In concluding his statement, Farrar said that if the goal of those involved was to silence him, it only worked temporarily.

“I can’t find the words to describe how this whole ordeal has affected my day-to-day life,” he said. “I was temporarily forced to curb my public comments at council meetings, but I was never intimidated by these so-called ‘community leaders’ and will not be in the future.”


Another False Accusation

Amaral, who currently holds a position in law enforcement, has made many false
accusations against the people he represents , or citizens that speak out against the independent men. This certainly will not surprise the people of Scituate.. All of Amaral accusations thus
far have been proven false.