Kennedy Manor Social Club resumes meetings

Kennedy Manor Social Club resumes meetings

WOONSOCKET – J.F. Kennedy Manor Social Club held its first meeting of the season on Sept. 5.

Split-the-pot winners were Debbie Ducharme, Pauline Ledoux, Connie Seider, Margie Desrosiers, Stella Lacasse, Lucien Goulet and Leonard Cotnoir.

Celebrating August birthdays were Kim Brin, Helen Lamoureux, Stella Lacasse, Claire Vitiello, Ray Gentile, Connie Seider, Marie Darveau, Lucille Mercier, Florence Palkocich and Lynn Ouellette.

Celebrating September birthdays are Ray Brodeur, Jeanne Levreault, Laura Welch, Caroline McMahon, Barbara Aubin, Jeanne Ilyas, Pauline Peloquin and Virginia Barreiro.

Andy and Pauline Ledoux celebrated their 58th anniversary.

New residents are Bruce and Sherry Page, John and Rita Campano, Eleanor Gentile and Judy Pellitier.