Sen. Doyle shames our city, again

Sen. Doyle shames our city, again

Reading – again – about Pawtucket Sen. James Doyle’s latest controversy involving local business owner Ms. Melissa Bruno is deeply disheartening – if not nauseating. Ms. Bruno entered into a legal contract with Mr. Doyle, but Mr. Doyle simply shrugs his shoulders when it comes time to pay his dues. (This is a state senator now!)

However, what is lost in the headlines is that Ms. Bruno is a member of our community, a person that is simply trying to make a living, struggling in an overtaxed and underserviced environment, something Sen. Doyle has contributed to. Ms. Bruno is no different than the countless families and business owners I’ve had the honor to meet and call friends over the years.

Sen. Doyle demonstrates a degree of callousness that I expect from a petty thug stealing someone’s purse. He is so willing to hurt members of our community simply because he believes he can do anything. (He also doesn’t answer his phone!) It should be noted, Sen. Doyle still sits on the Senate Finance Committee yet barely attends meetings, and also, has no problem raising taxes (e.g. the toll plan) on all of us.

Sen. Doyle’s actions are an embarrassment to our fine state and city. He has humiliated us for too long, and he needs to be held to a higher standard; that should be expected from someone who represents Pawtucket.

Matthew Fecteau