Palma: Mainstream media bias is easy to see

Palma: Mainstream media bias is easy to see

While my political persuasion may seem obvious to some with what I’m about to say, for the record I am and have always been an Independent.

In my 50 years, I have never been more disgusted with what the field of “journalism” has become in this country. It is no longer about finding or reporting the truth. The sources of information that the masses use to shape their value systems and political positions are so horrifically fraught with misinformation, propaganda and ideological agendas, it has reached the point of social irresponsibility if not moral reprehensibility. While the term “fake news” is quickly becoming a trite cliche, when the mainstream media (MSM) uses the term to discredit information coming from the current administration, the hypocrisy is astounding.

What began as a lark for the MSM, covering Trump’s every move in his bid for the Republican nomination, backfired on them so brutally, I believe they feel a moral responsibility to tear down the “monster” that they themselves created. The more they covered him, he was sure to eventually hang himself. Finally, the Access Hollywood tapes...the big crescendo they had been waiting for! Fast forward to the impenetrable blue wall and the polls weeks before the election that concluding there was no viable path to his victory.

The MSM goals are clear: Assassination of this President’s character, the character of every man and woman in his administration, the character of his sons, daughter and wife, who by the way legally immigrated to this country.

When an entire group of Republican congressmen are sprayed with bullets playing a softball game, it’s news for a day or two. When Trump tweets about something far more benign or makes an off the cuff remark it’s news for a week or longer. I really do wish this guy would get off of Twitter, show some compassion for people and develop some diplomatic acumen. But that’s a whole different conversation.

When he doesn’t act “presidential” they eviscerate him. When he does act presidential it is ignored or discredited then on to the next shiny object. When they can’t discredit him, something he’s accomplished or someone in his administration, the MSM intentionally seeks to create consternation between him and the members of his cabinet.

When a group of Berkeley students violate a political adversary’s right to free speech it is celebrated and the victim demonized as deserving of being denied his civil liberties. The MSM and far-left liberals have done at least as much or more to stoke the fires of racism, gender discrimination and identity politics in this country as the KKK, neo-Nazis, the 32 million “Deplorables” who voted nay to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump himself. Exactly where this feeling of moral and intellectual superiority comes from is a mystery to me.

Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow must be rolling over in their graves.

The million dollar question is, “Where does one go to seek unbiased information from multiple sources to draw his or her own educated conclusions about America, politics and our public servants? Wikileaks?

Frank Palma