Voters need to watch Scituate council actions

Voters need to watch Scituate council actions

I invite the citizens of Scituate, especially registered voters, to attend the Town Council meetings so that you can see your new majority members in action.

According to town ordinance, the Town Council is supposed to hold regular work sessions. They have not been doing this. If they followed the ordinance, they might not have to delay or strike agenda items as has happened several times.

And council approved minutes are not being posted in the time frame required by the Open Meetings Law.

They are draining every account they can to put into the designated new police station account. When it was brought up that they were losing a $25,000 yearly stream of income by taking the one-time payout on the tower lease, they said that the tickets the police were issuing would make up that difference. After the police chief gave figures regarding the tickets issued, they immediately moved to designate those funds to the police station account. They are also expending funds that are outside of the budget approved at the town financial meeting. They have repeatedly approved expenditures for recreation-related items such as $20,000 for exercise equipment at Tasca Field and now money for lights and a well at Gorham Field that is specified to come out of open space funds that were not included in the budget, even though the Recreation account has over $78,000 budgeted for such things.

They have stated that the town is running fine and employees are happy. I disagree with this. The public works office is not open on weekdays. If the administrative person in the building inspector’s office is out, the office is locked. I have also had several employees tell me that they are not happy the way things are going.

Also, if you have a discussion with the chair or vice-chair of the council in the town hall, your conversation may be taped without your prior knowledge. They are trying to replace people on committees who are in the middle of their appointed terms because they voice concerns at Town Council meetings. These committee members are people who have volunteered their time and energies because they want to contribute to making Scituate the best it can be and often are trying to follow the mandates of their positions, not the whims of the new council members.

The new members of the council are often nasty to those attending meetings. The new council members say they want to do what is best for the town, but many in attendance also want what is best, they just have different ideas of what is best. I have witnessed the chair of the council berate the other carryover council members and particularly the town treasurer, also an elected figure.

So I invite you to come and watch the gang of four bullies (or team of Trumps as they billed themselves) and decide how you want to vote in the next election. Better yet, start speaking out now.

Marti Bower