Police Department seeks new officers

Police Department seeks new officers

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The North Providence Police Department is accepting applications to develop a list of eligible candidates for future employment as probationary police officers.

New Chief David Tikoian said the department is currently at its full complement of 33 patrol officers, but that situation could change at any time. He said he wants to have an adequate list of potential new officers when openings come up.

The department’s existing list is three years old and has fewer than 10 candidates on it, said Tikoian. The chief said he wants to be prepared in the event that openings become available. He said he expects several patrol positions to open up in the coming months due to potential retirements and promotions, as well as transfers. The department still has several vacant leadership positions and he’s working on filling them, said Tikoian.

The plan, said Tikoian, is to have a new group of recruits ready for the police academy when it starts next June.

According to department requirements, all applicants must:

• Be a U.S. citizen at least 21 years old;

• Possess an associate’s degree or 60 credits from an accredited college or university;

• Possess a valid driver’s license;

• Complete and pass other applicable requirements as set forth in the recruitment process;

• And must not have any tattoos or other body art visible while in uniform or on duty not in uniform.

A $50 application fee is due when applying to the department. The fee may be waived if financial need criteria are met.

The starting salary for the position of patrol officer is $49,461, with a comprehensive benefit package. Any person who has previously applied to the department need not apply again. Application cards may be obtained at the North Providence Police Department, 1967 Mineral Spring Ave., or online at www.nppolice.com, and must be returned no later than 1 p.m. on Dec. 21.

The North Providence Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.