Police take in 13 guns on buyback day

Police take in 13 guns on buyback day

PAWTUCKET – Members of the Pawtucket Police Department paid out $1,100 in gift cards in return for 11 guns turned in during a gun buyback day on Oct. 28. Another two guns turned in received no reimbursement.

Officials are calling the event a success.

Though the number “may not seem to be significant in the greater picture,” said Chief Tina Goncalves, “any time an unwanted firearm is taken off the street, it is a huge success. This eliminates the possibility of that firearm being used in a crime of violence in the future within our community.”

“Getting one or 100 guns into the proper hands, in my opinion, is a positive thing for the community,” said City Councilor Albert Vitali Jr., who helped organize the event. “And this last gun buyback effort was a complete success thanks to the Pawtucket Police Department and administration. I thank them very much for their effort.”

In this day and age, buyback events give those who don’t want to have guns an opportunity to turn them over to the police to avoid having them stolen or used in an accidental fatality, said Vitali.

The following are the guns turned in on Oct. 28:

• A Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver – exchanged for $100 in gift cards

• An Iver Johnson’s Arms .25 caliber revolver – $100

• Another Iver Johnson’s Arms gun – $100

• A Deluxe Topper shotgun – $100

• A Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun – $50

• A Hi-Point 9 millimeter handgun – $100

• A Mossberg International 715T .22 caliber rifle – $200

• A Marlin 782 .22 caliber rifle with scope – $50

• A Savage Arms .32 caliber pistol – no reimbursement

• A Sentinel Deluxe .22 caliber pistol – $100

• A Taurus International .40 caliber pistol – $100

• A Clerke handgun – $100

• And a Remington rifle – no reimbursement

All gun owners except the owner of the Remington rifle showed proof of residence in Pawtucket.