Be uplifted, have some fun at Stadium’s ‘A Christmas Carol’

Be uplifted, have some fun at Stadium’s ‘A Christmas Carol’

“A Christmas Carol” will be presented at the Stadium Theatre, 28 Monument Square, Woonsocket, by Shining Light Productions. The show opens this Friday, Dec. 8, and runs through Sunday, Dec. 17. Admission is $21 and $26. Tickets are available at the Stadium Theatre Box Office or by calling 401-762-4545 and online at

WOONSOCKET – A former Scrooge returning is one of several changes for this year’s “A Christmas Carol” presented by Shining Light Productions at Woonsocket’s Stadium Theatre, says Mike Landry, who’s directing the show.

“We’ve updated the set, there’s a balcony in the back. There’s more lighting, new special effects, a floor that’s painted to look like cobblestones,” he said. “I think it’s going to look really cool.”

Jason Denton, this year’s Scrooge, agrees.

“Visually, it looks fantastic,” he said.

This is Denton’s second pass at the role. He played Scrooge two years ago. In last year’s production, he played the show’s narrator.

“Being able to do it a second time allows me to dig a little deeper, try to change things up, put a little more energy and emotion into the role,” he said.

Landry is directing the show for the third time.

“Right now, it’s still pretty exciting. It hasn’t gotten boring yet,” he told The Valley Breeze. “We have a really good team, and we have a great cast. We try to change things up, even though it’s the same old story.”

Denton finds himself drawn to the show.

“I just very much enjoy it,” he said. “It’s a holiday classic, and a good opportunity to show a huge wide range of emotions.”

He said he was hoping to get cast as Scrooge again.

“Brian Wolf Leonard was Scrooge last year, and he was great,” he said. “I was able to watch Brian do the role last year, so I was able to steal some stuff from him.”

Denton is kidding – at least a little. Leonard is still with the show, this time as Jacob Marley.

“He really just blew everyone away with his audition as Marley,” said Landry.

The rehearsals started in September.

“That gives you a decent amount of time to try new things,” said Denton, “to see what works, to come together as a group.”

Some of the cast members have done the show a number of times. Others are brand new. “It’s fun to see the kids who come back, as they grow into new roles,” said Denton.

The big question: Why see this production versus the one at a venue like Trinity Repertory Company?

“We’ve got different takes on a fantastic show,” said Denton. “I haven’t seen Trinity’s yet, so I can’t directly compare.” He said he does plan to see Trinity’s version when his run is over.

“We’ve got a great show with tons of wonderful moments,” says Landry. “Moments of love, scary moments, moments of togetherness and family, and some nice music. We try to make those moments to remember. People will cry a little, laugh a little, and feel uplifted.”

“There might be a chance to hear a reformed Scrooge sing a Christmas carol,” said Denton. “Throw in some flying ghosts, and you’ve got a fun night.”

Shining Light Productions presents “A Christmas Carol” at the Stadium Theatre from Dec. 8 through Dec. 17. Visit or call 401-762-4545 for tickets and details.

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