Learn about planet formation at Skyscrapers presentation

Learn about planet formation at Skyscrapers presentation

SCITUATE – Skyscrapers Inc. will host the program Planet Formation Through Radio Eyes on Saturday, Dec. 9, 7 p.m., at Scituate Community House, 546 West Greenville Road.

Although planets are always forming, this often occurs in disks of gas and dust so dense that light can’t penetrate through to observe them, but radio wavelengths can. Radio telescopes, such as ALMA, possibly the most powerful one ever built, can show incredible views of these planet-forming disks, giving us new knowledge of the possible origins of our own solar system.

Meredith Hughes will lead the program into the world of planet formation, using the most recent information from the ALMA facility.

Hughes is an assistant professor of astronomy at Wesleyan University. She was recently awarded the Harvard Astronomy department’s Bok Prize for research excellence by a PhD graduate under the age of 35. 

For more information, visit www.theskyscrapers.org .