Court date for dog and rabbit breeder put off until January

Court date for dog and rabbit breeder put off until January

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Town officials were forced to put off municipal court action against an alleged illegal animal breeding operation at 22 Piave St. this week.

A previously scheduled court hearing for Monday, Dec. 4, was postponed to Jan. 8, said Building Inspector Mike Carnevale, after officials missed the deadline to have the matter heard.

Carnevale and others accuse the resident at 22 Piave St. of raising dozens of rabbits and dogs, as well as throwing animal waste in an area between the home and surrounding homes. Residents have complained about rats invading the area since Kristoff Krowchenko purchased the home last year.

Though the town cites the property owner in the case, Krowchenko, neighbors say resident Mark Mendonca is the one responsible for the operation. Neither has returned calls from The Breeze.

Carnevale previously said he was unsuccessful at getting Mendonca to remove the animals and clean up the property, forcing him to take legal action.

The crackdown on Piave Street is part of a larger effort to get owners to clean up their properties and help alleviate the town’s rat problem, says Carnevale.