Nathan Clark Team expands to new headquarters

Nathan Clark Team expands to new headquarters

Nathan and Jamie Sue Clark, of the Nathan Clark Real Estate team, are proud of the new office building at 39 Cedar Swamp Road. Both said the space will enhance customer service and quality of sales. (Breeze photo by Jacquelyn Moorehead)

SMITHFIELD – A leading Rhode Island real estate agency has taken up residence in a new headquarters at 39 Cedar Swamp Road.

The Nathan Clark Team, previously located in a 3,000-square-foot office space at 592 Putnam Pike in Greenville, needed more space, said Nathan Clark, so it purchased the new 5,400-square-foot location.

According to Clark and his wife, Jamie Sue Clark, employees can’t imagine moving back.

“We outgrew it. We were literally just busting at the seams. We were all working out of there and we said, ‘we need more space,’” said Jamie Sue. “Everybody loves it.”

The new office houses 13 agents. Nathan Clark noted that many real estate agents at other companies sell between three or four houses in a year, learning as they go.

“Most people don’t know, they go to big franchises and they don’t realize the guy or girl has only sold two or three houses, and she or he’s basically learning how to sell on your most expensive asset,” he said.

An agent on his team sells an average of 27 houses per year. In 2016, the team helped more than 400 clients get houses sold, or find new property.

The team is focused on customer service rather than details that go into selling homes. The Clarks employ full-time photographers, advertisers, and marketing agents, freeing up time for agents to focus on the client.

Nathan’s father, Chris Clark, was a real estate agent in Greenville, in the 1980s and 1990s, inspiring Nathan to work in the industry. He said he used his father’s example along with top company models to design his system.

At the age of 20, Nathan worked on a cruise ship washing floors. A year later, he closed 27 residential transactions.

Ranked 97th in the country for real estate companies by the Wall Street Journal, Clark took his father’s innovative and aggressive approach to the next level.

He said he sees expansion in the future, with new agents added.

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