DelMoro named District Spelling Bee champ

DelMoro named District Spelling Bee champ

First-place winner in the Cumberland District Spelling Bee is Estella DelMoro, right, an 8th-grader at North Cumberland Middle School, and on left is runner-up Audrey Lambert, a 4th-grader at Garvin Elementary. The district bee was held at Cumberland High School on Tuesday. DelMoro will compete in the state finals in March. (Breeze photos by Charles Lawrence)

CUMBERLAND – In nailing the spelling of “supercilious” in the championship round, North Cumberland Middle School 8th-grader Estella DelMoro became the Cumberland District Spelling Bee’s first new champion in three years.

After her win in the local bee Tuesday, Feb. 13, at Cumberland High School, she will move on to the Rhode Island State Spelling Bee, sponsored by The Valley Breeze, on March 17 at 10 a.m. in the Lincoln Middle School auditorium.

DelMoro appeared shocked when she was named winner. She said she made it to the district round as a 5th-grader, but hadn’t made it to the statewide bee.

“It feels great,” she said, of getting the chance to go.

The runner-up to DelMoro was Garvin Elementary 4th-grader Audrey Lambert, who battled along with third runner up, Joseph L. McCourt Middle School 8th-grader Konnor Klucznik, for eight rounds. Lambert will serve as the alternate for DelMoro in the statewide competition. Prior to her elimination, she correctly spelled "tempestuous," "atrocity," and "varigated," without skipping a beat.

DelMoro moved on to the championship round when she correctly spelled the word “pitons.” Throughout the night, she correctly spelled words including, “monomania,” “hallucinations,” “sphinx” and “pecuniary.”

Gasps went up from the audience when two-time, back-to-back champion Nolan Rogalski was eliminated in the seventh round when he misspelled “mitochondria.” The 6th-grader at North Cumberland Middle School won the district competition in 2016 and 2017 when he attended Community Elementary School.

Some words leading to eliminations included claustrophobic, stevedores, vociferous, and financiers.

Kristy Patten, assistant principal at North Cumberland Middle School, moderated the event. Words were pronounced by Debra Malcolm, principal of J.L. McLaughlin Cumberland Hill School. Judges were Tina Fogell, John McNeil, Lorre Lang, Nidia Karbonik, Judith Bassignani and Dina Cerra.

The Cumberland School Department District Spelling took place at the Cumberland High School auditorium on Tuesday, with winners from Joseph McCourt and North Cumberland Middle Schools and winners from Ashton, B. F. Norton, Community, J. J. McLaughlin and Garvin Elementary schools competing for a place in the state finals to be held in March.
Eight-grader Estella DelMoro, a student at North Cumberland Middle School, is the first-place winner spelling the word “supercilious.”
Nolan Rogalski, a 6th-grader at North Cumberland Middle School, concentrates on spelling the word “incarceration.”
Justyn Collazo, a 6th-grader at McCourt Middle School, listens as the pronouncer gives him his word.