Cano win would mean another special election

Cano win would mean another special election

PAWTUCKET – If City Councilor Sandra Cano follows up her big Senate District 8 primary victory with a general election win over Republican Nathan Luciano on April 3, the city will have to host another special election to fill that council seat, says Registrar Ken McGill.

Cano’s position is already drawing plenty of interest from residents interested in the at-large seat, one of three council posts representing the entire city. Whoever wins would have to run again in the fall if they want to stay in the seat beyond Cano’s expiring term, twice if a September primary is needed for the seat.

According to the Pawtucket City Charter, if a vacancy occurs on the council due to death, resignation, inability to serve or departure from the district, if more than 180 days remain until the next election, “the Board of Canvassers shall call a special election for the purpose of filling such vacancy for the remainder of the term …”

The special election must be held no less than 55 days, nor more than 60 days after the vacancy occurs, meaning a likely special election in late May.

With the next regular election being Nov. 6, said McGill, 180 days back from that would be approximately May 6, well after the April 3 election.

Anyone running in the special election for the at-large council seat wouldn’t experience the dynamics typically associated with such a race. A regular at-large race allows everyone seeking one of three at-large seats to run, with the three top vote-getters in November securing a seat.