Order restored after Friday’s powerful storm slams Scituate

Order restored after Friday’s powerful storm slams Scituate

SCITUATE– Last Friday’s powerful Nor’easter caused significant road closures and power outages, said John Robinson, Scituate Emergency Management Agency director.

Problems caused by aging infrastructure on Danielson Pike across from the Horseshoe Damn caused nearly all six utility poles there to snap and block the roadway. Those toppled poles also caused issues for the North Scituate Fire Department about a quarter-mile down the road, Robinson said.

“The main (road) being blocked caused significant delay in response times,” he said. To avoid delays, the department set up a temporary shop up the street until the road was cleared.

New utility poles were put in and telephone and internet providers were connecting lines by Monday afternoon.

Officials opened the Scituate Senior Center on Saturday and Sunday as a charging and warming center, with a few citizens making use of the opportunity, he said.

At the peak of the storm, Robinson estimated between 4,300 and 4,400 homes were without power. After 72 hours, he estimated between 100 and 200 remained in the dark.

Robinson identified the Rte. 102 corridor in North Scituate as hit the hardest during the storm, with many trees falling on property. As cleanup continued, many homes remained without power early this week. Everything was expected to be corrected by Monday, March 5.

Many homes in Scituate suffered individual damage from fallen trees tearing service lines from the homes, and need to be fixed one at a time, he said.


Mr Robinson should re-think his position opposing a centrally located safety complex.

The centrally located safety complex would have worked perfectly in this storm like the experts have suggested.

Not "Hinder" as Robinson has suggested recently In a mailer he sent to every town resident.

I am starting to have second thoughts on the appointment of Robinson, especially now that we have learned that he is related to Councilman Izzi. This should have been disclosed prior to his appointment.

Safety should be of paramount importance before the hiring of relatives.