CHS grad’s world record: Most Lego castles in minute

CHS grad’s world record: Most Lego castles in minute

CUMBERLAND – Marcel Bonnici was sitting in class last April when the idea popped into his head. Always “mesmerized” by the Guinness World Records, he decided his best shot at a record-breaking achievement was in the Lego category, having long enjoyed creating things with the blocks.

On March 9, the 2017 Cumberland High School graduate and Central Connecticut State University student broke the 2017 record of “serial record breaker” Silvio Sabba of Italy, and built 17 Lego brick castles in one minute. Bonnici had already decided to try to break the previous record of 15 castles when Sabba made the task that much more difficult.

Though the five-piece castles don’t look like much, Bonnici worked with blazing speed to put them all together in record-breaking fashion, and did it all with almost six seconds to spare.

Mark Primiano and Stephen Giorgio, teachers at CHS, served as witnesses to the record, which was captured on video to be sent to the Guinness World Records. After placing the last of the 85 pre-aligned bricks, Bonnici slapped his hands down on the table and exclaimed “Done!” He broke into a big smile and celebrated after learning that he’d beaten Sabba’s record.

Though not certified as an official record yet, Bonnici expects that to happen soon, after he sends in his application.

Primiano confirmed this week that Bonnici did indeed beat the record.

Bonnici, 19, is the son of Joseph and Marrietta Bonnici of Cumberland.

Beating a world record takes a lot of practice, said Bonnici. He began practicing last April, but took some time off because he wasn’t sure of the exact rules and wasn’t willing to pay the $800 fee to expedite the information. After learning the rules last August, he began practicing “a little more rigorously.”

Bonnici said he doesn’t generally consider himself very fast in life. As he practiced with the castles, he learned that the key was not to misalign any bricks, as corrections take away valuable seconds. He said he was able to minimize his mistakes on the way to the record.