Ponaganset student receives full ride to Georgia Institute of Technology

Ponaganset student receives full ride to Georgia Institute of Technology

Ponaganset High School senior Ty Parrillo received a four-year full scholarship to Georgia Institute of Technology. “It’s awesome,” he said.

GLOCESTER – Described as humble and a bright young man, Ty Parrillo, 17, a senior at Ponaganset High School, received a four-year Stamps President’s Scholarship to Georgia Institute of Technology. He is one of 20 out-of-state students nationwide to win the honor.

Parrillo is class valedictorian and captain of the school’s soccer and indoor track teams. He is also a member of the baseball team, Robotics Club, the Math Team, Student Council treasurer, plays oboe in the band, and volunteers on weekends for the past seven years to play sports with special needs students.

His secret to success, he said, has been paying attention in class to lessen how much he has to study later.

“It usually works out well,” he added. “There’s obviously conflicts some times, but I try not to waste too much time.”

Interested in studying environmental engineering, specifically urban transportation, he said he looked into Georgia Tech for its prestigious programs. He said he prefers the technical fields to the humanities, and found himself drawn to anything S.T.E.M. related during high school.

“Originally, I thought it was crazy to make it to the second level of students who could get the scholarship. I was already super excited,” he said.

Students are automatically entered into the running when applying to the school.

“It was obviously awesome,” Parrillo said about when he found out he would be receiving the scholarship.

Out of the 18,000 students applying to Georgia Tech this year, he is one of 40, 20 Georgia residents and 20 students from out of state, who will receive the four-year ride.

The Stamps Scholarship includes housing, a meal plan, academic supplies, and personal expenses and a stipend for a new laptop. Parrillo will also be able to receive $15,000 in “enrichment funding” for international experiences and unpaid research and internships.

“It’s a scholarship but it’s also a program so they’ll fund me to travel to different places. So whatever I’m interested in, I could put together a travel proposal for,” he said.

Parrillo was interviewed in Boston and then Atlanta by representatives from Georgia Tech on four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service and progress.

He talked about the differences between leading a sports team and working in the Robotics Club, and explained how each process grew his character.

As director of designer for the Robotics Club, Ty said leadership was difficult because he needed to instruct and teach rather than play alongside teammates.

“It was cool to see both perspectives of leadership, the active role and being a good role model,” he said.

Ponaganset High School Counselor Linda Bucci said Parrillo’s various talents and interests make him the humble person he is.

“All of what he does is very amazing, and putting value into all of it makes Ty who he is,” she said.

Parrillo said he is successful because high-achieving peers surround him.

“Our entire class is really incredible,” he said.