Scituate GOP councilors OK’d budget, not mailing

Scituate GOP councilors OK’d budget, not mailing

Last Tuesday evening, the Town of Scituate held its Financial Town Meeting. The three Republican council members supported the proposed budget as being good for the town.

However, we did not have an opportunity to comment on the council majority’s newspaper distribution, something that none of us were consulted on or even knew about until we received it in the mail.

On behalf of myself and my fellow Republican councilors, I wanted to take this opportunity to let the people of Scituate know that while we supported the budget as presented at the FTM, we do not support the comments that accompanied the budget brochure.

We support the Town Meeting process. We believe that the Financial Town Meeting is an essential function of our local government because it puts the critical financial decisions in the hands of the taxpayers who foot the bill.

To eliminate the FTM would be to put those spending decisions in the hands of elected officials, and thus relinquish the people’s control over important decisions to once every two years in the general election cycle.

By having these important financial decisions made where the electors of the town can come, speak, and deliberate the proposed expenditures, we continue the purest form of democracy and ensure that the people of this town continue to make every important decision.

This process has always been, and we hope that it continues to be, a proper check on our elected officials – one that we have a say in and a hand in every year...not having to wait every two years at the November election time.

David A. D’Agostino, Brenda Frederickson, Charles A. Collins, Jr.