TOM WARD - Coletta deserves a break from intolerant Lilliputians

TOM WARD - Coletta deserves a break from intolerant Lilliputians

A few weeks ago, the North Providence School Committee, led by member Stephen Palmieri, put an end to two-hour school delays on snow days. To which I say, “Hallelujah!”

This has been a pet peeve of mine since my own children were in school 20 years ago, when they reported to me that those days were an utter waste of time. Shortened “school” days were, in my view, a bit of babysitting, with lunch thrown in. For years they were banned by state law, but the law was reversed a few years ago (a special interest payoff, no doubt), and the waste of time resumed.

Palmieri, we reported, “called two-hour delays ‘atrocious,’ arguing that they ‘deny a child of two hours of instructional time that’s not made up.” He’s exactly right. He urged other school committees in the state to follow North Providence’s lead. I urge the same.

Goodbye, Wayne

It was so sad last week to note the passing of Wayne Lima, the man who led the popular Kings Row oldies band for so many years. He was a Valley Falls native and musician, professor, writer, broadcaster, bowler and businessman. In truth, he was good at everything. Wayne was also a wonderful and optimistic man to know. My condolences go out to his wife, Sharon, and daughter, Stacy, women he loved to talk about every single time we met. He will be missed.

Hang in there, Frank!

I have to tell you, I’m getting pretty irritated with people taking cheap shots at WJAR-TV’s Frank Coletta. The anchor of NBC 10 News at Sunrise, Coletta is one of the nicest people on local TV, and he’s at the center of the storm of controversy surrounding Channel 10’s owner, Sinclair Broadcasting. The conservative Sinclair ownership is forcing Channel 10 to air occasional editorial pieces that many consider pro-President Trump. As I’ve said before: So what? If you don’t like it, change the channel!

Now, keyboard cowboys (home of the brave!) are taking Coletta to task and criticizing him for not quitting his job in protest. Really? What the heck do these people know about Frank Coletta’s life, his family obligations, home or college loans, about feeding his family? What nerve it takes to criticize a man for not quitting his near 40-year career for not taking on his bosses and quitting! I understand there will be cheap shots like this on unsocial media. But letters to the editor? Really?

A “Coffee Cup Salute” to you, Mr. Coletta. Don’t let the left-wing Lilliputians and hateful know-it-alls get you down. You know who I mean, Frank ... the “tolerant” ones.

No amount is enough

Earlier this week, Gov. Gina Raimondo was crossing the country in search of more money for her upcoming re-election campaign. She has $3.3 million now. I have to assume the point is to scare off her opponents. Local TV station owners are cheering.

My take on it: There is no amount of money that will save her candidacy. The unfixable UHIP that continues to cost taxpayers more millions, the now-late and already unpopular tolls that create a new budget shortage, the “scooping” of energy conservation monies – and now, grabbing 911 emergency funds for God knows what. She owns all of it! She will lose a two-way race soundly, and needs to keep independents like Joe Trillo in the race to save her.

In 2014, Raimondo received 40 percent of the vote. I doubt she tops 37 percent this time, but in Rhode Island, with no runoff, that might just be enough. It’s embarrassing. As I’ve written before, the state Democratic Party has finally figured out how to win the governorship: with three-way races. The General Assembly, led by the Democratic Party, could fix this injustice, but won’t, because the injustice gives their party more power. And so that’s that.

Ward is publisher of The Valley Breeze