Is anyone taking care of Neighborhood Center?

Is anyone taking care of Neighborhood Center?

I am a longtime resident of Esmond Village and I am writing to the Smithfield Town Council to express my concern over the recent attacks on Historic Preservation in this town, including the comments made regarding the Neighborhood Center at 7 Esmond St. at the recent budget hearing.

It is my understanding that the $1.6 million price tag brought forward by a resident is incorrect, as well as statements made regarding the validity of its historical merits. I have had the opportunity to read the report compiled by the SHPC on the village and the building and can not understand how anyone could question the importance of this building.

We don’t have much around this side of town, but we love what we have and will not sit by and let it be taken away from us.

I sincerely request that you listen to the voices in our community and see the value in saving this building.

I would also like to ask why it is that this town-owned building is in the state it is?

What repairs has this town done since it took ownership?

Who takes responsibility for its current condition?

Chrystal Martin