Charbonneau announces re-election campaign

Charbonneau announces re-election campaign

PAWTUCKET – School Committee Chairman Gerard Charbonneau has announced his campaign for re-election, citing significant districtwide school renovations and rising test scores across all grade levels as proof that he has delivered on his promise of reaching every child in every school.

“The voters have seen firsthand the results. I believe they are overwhelming satisfied with the job I’ve done,” said Charbonneau in a release. “We have done major work in every school across the city, and we are heading into this summer with a full slate of projects scheduled. Under my leadership, we have completely renovated Potter-Burns and Nathanael Greene, added filtered water stations in every school, (and) completed numerous fire and life safety upgrades throughout the district.”

Charbonneau also serves as chairman of the school facilities subcommittee. Since he took the helm of the facilities committee four years ago, Charbonneau said, school officials have held vendors accountable with strict financial penalties for missing deadlines.

“I also tour the projects frequently. I have delivered strong fiscal oversight for our taxpayers,” he said. “Projects like Potter-Burns and Nathanael Greene grab the headlines, but this committee has also done more health and safety upgrades districtwide than was done in the last 20 years.”

He added, “My children attend our schools and I approach every decision with the mindset that all of our children deserve the very best. It’s about every child, every school.”