Police investigating incident after dog’s death

Police investigating incident after dog’s death

PAWTUCKET – Police are looking into claims from city resident Ida Lima that one of her dogs died after officers refused to allow her to make a phone call following an arrest on a minor charge.

According to a police statement provided to The Breeze, an officer has been in touch with Lima.

“The department interviewed the officers involved when she was first detained at the police station,” reads the statement. “When asked if she needed to make a phone call, Ms. Lima did not take the opportunity to do so.”

According to a post by Lima, confirmed to be from her in a message to The Breeze, her 4-year-old dog Bullet died of heat stroke after being left on the balcony of her home on June 1. She claimed she “kept begging the police at the station to allow me to make a phone call to my sister for her to take my dogs off of my balcony,” but “they denied my request for hours.”

Police noted that there were two dogs on the porch, and one of the dogs is fine. Officials also reviewed video footage from the cell.

“Unfortunately there is no audio,” said police in their statement. “The investigating officer noted that she (Lima) was not showing signs of distress, and that there is a phone in the cell that connects to an operator.”

Lima said she was too distraught to talk about the incident. She claimed in her post that police finally allowed her to make a phone call close to midnight on June 1, but at that point it was too late. She was discharged the next morning to find the dog lying dead on her balcony. She said she kept telling police that she needed to get the dog off her porch, but was ignored.

Police said they will provide updates on the investigation as they become available.

Temperatures reached near 80 degrees on June 1, according to weather websites.