Water issue causing potholes on Mendon Road fixed, officials say

Water issue causing potholes on Mendon Road fixed, officials say

CUMBERLAND – State and local officials say they believe they’ve discovered the solution to continued water problems on Mendon Road, just south of Route 295 heading toward Route 116, and say drivers should be better off for it.

Mayor Bill Murray, Rep. Jim McLaughlin, Public Works Director Bob Anderson, Highway Supt. Frank Stowik, Water Supt. Chris Champi, and various officials from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation have made numerous visits to the area near Burger King and SpeeDee Oil Change, the site of recurring potholes, over the past few weeks.

RIDOT visited the site on May 30, according to spokesman Charles St. Martin. Based on initial observations, there appeared to be groundwater seeping up from the driveway near Burger King and there is a large private detention pond away from the road that appeared to be contributing extra runoff to the road. Last week, RIDOT was informed by the town that the detention pond was corrected, and that catch basin repair work on private property will be done this week, he said.

“The combination of this continuous flow of excess water contributed to the pavement deterioration seen on Mendon Road,” he said. “RIDOT will take care of any additional patching needed.”

Several new patches were put down last week after the roadway dried out. The Breeze reported two weeks ago that officials continued to be perplexed about how to remedy the problem of water mixing with new asphalt and potholes reappearing.

The hot spot for potholes had led to many claims against the town for vehicle damage, including three since March.

Murray said he met multiple times with the owners of the property where the water was coming from, an office building under the name of Sabre Development, owners of the Chelo Place plaza where Burger King is located. He said they’ve been very attentive in dealing with all of the issues cited by officials.

Anderson, who works as the town’s engineer, said this week that the problem was a mix of a leaking sprinkler system and issues with the detention pond. He agreed that the owners have been “very responsive,” immediately repairing the irrigation system and addressing issues with the detention pond, including unclogging pipes that drain into it. Water here is always an issue during a rain event, he said, but the problem had been extending into dry periods for a long time.

Anderson said officials will continue to monitor the situation, but believe they’ve fixed it. Water is no longer “percolating down the edge of the driveway,” Anderson said.

“I think we’re there,” he said.

According to St. Martin, this area falls into a project to resurface Mendon Road, from Route 295 to Ann & Hope Way, in 2023. Mendon Road in this area was last paved 31 years ago, in 1987, he said, from Scott Road near Route 116 to Route 295.


Maybe they can FINALLY repair Marshall AVE . Its been 5 years or more . Not rocket science.