Birthday Club

Birthday Club

July 6

Roland G. Gamache, Happy, happy 85th Birthday! From Karen, Dennis, Lauren, Brianna, June, and Bob

July 12

Madison Thibodeau, Happy 16th Birthday! From Bill Woodruff

July 19

Bill Montanari, Happy Birthday! We love you! Love, Mom and daughter Arianna

July 22

Jason Nichols, Happy Birthday! From Grandpa Bill

July 24

Happy 50th, Aunt Molly! Love, Kelly and David

Happy 50th, Molly Champagne Burke! From Sheila, Colleen, Glen, Robin, Tina and John

Happy 50th to Molly Champagne Burke from your big sister Sheila!

Happy Birthday, Robin Bogan! Love, Kelly, Sheila, Colleen, Tina, Glen and John

July 25

Alex Pickering, Happy Birthday to a wonderful grandson! Love, Pa and ZuZu

July 31

Roland Joyal Jr., cheers to 60 years! Love, Erin

July 28

Happy Birthday, Laura Colantonio! From all your friends at The Valley Breeze