New company obligated to fulfill Link’s trash duties

New company obligated to fulfill Link’s trash duties

PAWTUCKET – Waste Connections US Inc., the company that purchased Grotto Avenue transfer facility operator Link Environmental, is obligated to fulfill Link’s responsibilities through Aug. 31.

In a letter to the City Council, on the docket for the council meeting on Wednesday, July 11, Mayor Donald Grebien noted that the council voted to extend the contract with Link through Aug. 31, and the city then signed a “consent to assignment” agreement with Waste Connections obligating the company to fill in for Link on all work.

“Please be assured that this is procedural and does not go beyond our current agreement,” said Grebien in his letter. “As we continue our conversations regarding the future of our waste needs and the associated costs, the administration will set up a meeting with councilors and WCI.”

A previous plan to move and expand the waste transfer facility at a new location on Concord Street is dead, after the council unanimously passed a resolution opposing it last month.

Grebien’s letter to the council on the pact with Waste Connections was written prior to the council’s resolution.

Other options include completing massive upgrades to the existing transfer facility or shipping the city’s waste to the Central Landfill in Johnston.