More natural habitat to be lost to development

More natural habitat to be lost to development

As a longtime resident of Cumberland, I admire and respect the good work done by the Cumberland Land Trust, Conservation Commission and proponents of open space. They work tirelessly to protect and preserve the natural aspects of our town, mostly in the northern section. But now, a tract of wooded land in the southern section of town located between Marshal Avenue and Broad Street (across from Domino’s Pizza) is in need of protection. A prominent developer is proposing a major development for the parcel. Named “Residence at Broad Street,” it will include two large buildings containing retailers and 23 apartments.

The southern section of our town is losing natural habitat. This particular tract of land is home to deer and wild turkeys. It also acts as a natural sponge soaking up all the rainwater and melting snowfall that comes down from the Meadowcrest neighborhood located on a steep hill above the property. There are also concerns about blasting away ledge which may effect nearby neighbors, and also traffic concerns for this section of Mendon Road.

I ask that anyone who is interested in protecting the natural aspect of all of Cumberland to please come to the next Planning Board meeting scheduled for July 25 at 7 p.m. in the town hall chamber room and voice your concerns. Thank you.

Luiz Batista