Burrillville Council president running for state Senate

Burrillville Council president running for state Senate

GLOCESTER– John Pacheco III announced he will be running for election to the District 23 state Senate seat.

The Burrillville resident served on the Town Council for the past six years, the last four as president. According to Pacheco, many necessary changes have occurred since he joined the council, including improved school safety, repaired school buildings, and the creation of a program to combat substance abuse.

“As president of the board of administration, I’ve been so proud to lead the board in updating our town buildings and revitalizing the Assembly Theatre, while showing a surplus in our budget for the last four years,” he said.

Pacheco said he will bring skills he learned from the town to the Statehouse, such as forward thinking, and an inclusive problem-solving style of leadership. He said he wants to convince state legislature that “our little corner of R.I. is not so little,” and the town holds a strong presence with vital concerns.

“Our corner of the state must be heard. The issues are real and the people are, too,” Pacheco said.