New sign: Whose ‘bright idea’ was this?

New sign: Whose ‘bright idea’ was this?

What governing body thought it was a good idea to grant Dave’s Market permission to erect a lighted motion sign in the already visually congested Chapel Four Corners area?

For those that have not seen – it is quite bright and somewhat distracting as sale prices of bing cherries and turkey legs slide in and out across the screen. In the less than two-tenths of a mile stretch of Diamond Hill Road, from Bear Hill Road to the entrance of the Post Office, there are nine business signs, and 15 entrance/exits to various businesses. That’s not to mention all the street and traffic direction signage. This is an area that is littered with traffic and sight line issues and multiple accidents and traffic law violations. Now throw into the mix an LED lit sign that moves. The last thing this area needed was more distraction!

At certain times of day/night it is difficult to get through the Chapel and people today are distracted enough as they drive. If I had to put together a musical playlist as I travel through the Chapel, the first song would be “Danger Zone” leading into “Blinded by the Light!” Pretty soon the playlist will grow to include Yes’ “Roundabout!” In an area where the town has mandated that CVS and Navigant Credit Union erect “colonial” looking buildings which enhance the look of the area, an LED sign just does not scream colonial! Who knows, maybe Dave’s will program dancing turkeys on sale dressed in Pilgrim garb at Thanksgiving!

Deb Lowery