Fecteau offers support for 3 candidates

Fecteau offers support for 3 candidates

This coming election, Pawtucket has some strong candidates and I would like to shine a light on several of them. These candidates make me more optimistic about the future than ever. I ask you to please consider supporting them.

First, for council-at-large, I would enthusiastically endorse Democrat Emmanuel R. Echevarria. He offers a unique and diverse perspective that can truly benefit the council at large and all residents of Pawtucket. He has shown a willingness to discuss disagreements and listen to the residents of our fine city. He is also very accomplished and can be a voice for the millennial generation that is so often ignored by our politicians.

I would also like to throw my humble support behind Elena Vasquez. Ms. Vasquez represented our city well on the School Committee, and her experience speaks volumes of her character and temperament. She is a brilliant woman that can easily dissect the most complicated issue with ease. She has proven that there still are some decent hard-working people in our politics, and that is why I ask you to consider giving her your vote.

For Pawtucket City Council Dist. 4, I would like to recognize Joe Flanagan as someone who would bring valuable experience to Pawtucket’s City Council. The current incumbent, John Barry, has done a good job but is time for a new, experienced perspective. Mr. Flanagan is also a proud fellow veteran, something that his opponents certainly are not.

Please consider these fine candidates this election season because, with their leadership on the City Council, Pawtucket will be headed to a brighter future.

Matt Fecteau


Fecteau was a Democratic Party candidate in the recent Senate District 8 primary.