Melissa Goho to lead Lonsdale

Melissa Goho to lead Lonsdale

LINCOLN – Melissa Goho has been named principal of Lincoln’s Lonsdale Elementary School. The wife of Lincoln school board member Joseph Goho, she previously worked as principal of Birchwood Middle School in North Providence, the same town where her husband works as principal of the high school.

Lincoln Supt. Larry Filippelli said Melissa Goho, who previously worked as a teacher in Lincoln, “brings an incredible amount of experience and administrative knowledge to Lonsdale Elementary.”

As a former teacher in this town, Goho “has come back home to support our students, teachers and parents,” he said. A nationally certified teacher, with two master’s degrees in reading and educational administration from Providence College, Goho has vast experience both in suburban and urban ring educational settings, he said, making her a strong fit.

“Melissa’s qualifications are numerous, and as a Lincoln parent and resident, she understands the unique needs of Lonsdale Elementary School, which make her an excellent fit to take on that role,” he said.

Joe Goho, who serves as vice chairman of the Lincoln School Committee, recused himself from voting on his wife’s appointment last Thursday and did not attend any meetings or interviews related to filling the position, according to Filippelli. The superintendent said he expects Goho to recuse himself from anything having to do with his wife, including contracts, raises, “and a myriad of other matters.”

“We knew (Melissa) was a School Committee member’s wife, and knew there would be these kinds of ethics questions … as long as everyone is transparent and above-board I don’t think there will be a problem,” said Filippelli. “Of the three names sent on to me, Melissa was 100 percent the most qualified candidate.”

Joe Goho said he does not see a conflict of interest.

“I am one of seven members of the schools’ governing body, which is the Lincoln School Committee. Dr. Filippelli is the direct supervisor of all employees, including administrators. To those who see a conflict, I always try to respect everyone’s opinion and perspective … I would point them to her resume, which is quite extensive,” he said.

Goho continued, “As a parent and taxpayer, I will continue to feel confident and comfortable making decisions with honesty and integrity, which I have always done as one member of a seven-person body in the best interest of all students.’

The Birchwood principal position was posted on SchoolSpring on Monday, Aug. 6. North Providence School Committee clerk Steven Andreozzi said the School Committee did not know that Goho intended to leave that district.

“This is exactly why the penalty clause was instituted,” he said, referencing the termination clause added to new North Providence administrator contracts in 2016 mandating an administrator pay “a sum equal to 10 percent of their annual salary” if they do not provide advance notice before resigning from their role for another local district.

Andreozzi said Goho’s current contract with North Providence, ending in 2019, did not include a penalty clause, but that she was approved for a two-year contract extension that would have included the clause. To date, no one has been penalized in the neighboring district as a result of the clause.

Also at the meeting last Thursday, the Lincoln School Committee announced the appointment of Lianne Denham as dean of students at Lincoln Middle School, completing the new leadership team there with the additions of James Williamson as principal and John MacNeal as assistant principal. Denham graduated in May from Providence College with a degree in educational administration.

“As a Lincoln resident with children in the district, Lianne is well-poised to understand the various needs of the students at LMS,” said Filippelli, adding that Denham is “the last component of what is being referred to as the “dynamic trio” of administrators leading LMS leading up to opening day.

“Lianne rose above all of the other applicants because of her unique experiences as both an elementary and secondary educator,” he said. “She and her administrative counterparts at LMS are committed to bringing a culture of student-centered practices, collaboration and mutual respect for all educational stakeholders.”

Additionally, attorney Roger Achille has been selected as the next director of human resources for Lincoln Schools, joining the district with more than 25 years of experience as a labor relations attorney.

“Roger’s depth of knowledge as an AAA Arbitrator, as well as a professor of Human Resources at Johnson & Wale University makes him incredibly qualified to take on this position,” said Filippelli. “I am looking forward to Roger’s tenure working on my central office team in Lincoln, where he brings an incredible skillset and will make a positive impact on the HR office in a very short amount of time.”

Joe Goho said he is “extremely excited by the team that Dr. Filippelli has assembled. His creative solution to the HR position will bring a high level of skill and cost savings, and Lianne Denham is an invested town resident … we are beyond excited at the collective level of passion, enthusiasm and talent of the new LMS administrative team.”


You have to laugh at Andreozzi's statement regarding the idiotic penalty clause.
Since it was enacted the North Providence School Department has lost nearly every administrator in the district. In almost all of the cases replacements were hired without checking references.
Some administrator have remained such as the former McGuire principal who rushed to sign his 3 year contract. He has since been suspended with pay for 6 months, and has approximately 2 years left on his contract that NP is responsible for.

So congratulations Mr. Andreozzi you should be quite proud. You enacted a policy that decimated the district and no one was required to adhere to it.

Anybody that believes this, I have s bridge to sell you. I’d like to thank NP for passing this absolute hogwash to the people of Lincoln. You gotta be kidding me! So, he’s gonna recuse himself from contract negotiations, disciplinary action, pretty much ANYTHING to do with Londsdale? This stinks to high heaven. Another fabulous pick to head Lincoln schools, after a nation wide search.

Mr. Goho fails to take into account the conflict this appointment will cause everyone else. Will the superintendent, other administrators, teachers and parents be able to talk to the principal without feeling as though they are talking to the school committee member, or vice-versa? Are these same people expected to believe Mr. and Mrs. Goho will refrain from talking at home about school issues? Mrs. Goho may in fact be the most qualified applicant, but the conflict her appointment creates is real. The school committee members who voted to appoint have made things difficult for many.