Beaulieu says town needs to prioritize community concerns

Beaulieu says town needs to prioritize community concerns

CUMBERLAND – Incumbent District 3 Councilor Lisa Beaulieu said this week she is grateful to voters of the district for electing her to represent them in her first term on the council.

“Understanding the community concerns around traffic and speeding, strong schools, fiscal controls and revitalizing our villages, I have sponsored and supported plans, budgets and legislation that begin to address those issues, but there is much more work to do,” she said. “The rate of progress on these improvements needs to increase to bring quicker closure and increase our customer satisfaction. For many years, it appears that little was done to address those areas of concern.”

The town also needs to prioritize work for facility improvements to the senior center, said Beaulieu.

As the economy improves, developments continue to expand throughout town, noted Beaulieu.

“We need to review our ordinances and management plans to ensure Cumberland remains a vibrant, attractive community,” she said.