School officials seek uniformity with sales of CHS gear

School officials seek uniformity with sales of CHS gear

CUMBERLAND – School officials say all vendors selling Cumberland High School clothing locally will be asked to provide the same commission from sales to the high school.

At a meeting Aug. 23, members of the School Committee's finance subcommittee discussed the issue following earlier questions about who is authorized to sell CHS gear and how much they must contribute back to the school from sales.

Athletic Director Matt Campanelli was present to discuss the selling of CHS apparel by various organizations, saying he was not aware of a deal with CVS previously approved by former CHS Principal Alan Tenreiro, according to minutes of the meeting. The Breeze reported last month that CVS was in fact authorized to sell the gear after staff there produced a written contract with Tenreiro from two years ago.

Campanelli noted that Impact Custom Apparel is a Cumberland-based business making clothing for various PTO organizations and for CHS, but said there is no contract in place with the company. Impact recently sent a check to the Cumberland School Department for $7 as a total commission on one item sold.

Finance Chairman Paul DiModica suggested that school officials trademark with the state of Rhode Island the CHS logo and ask companies to stop selling merchandise with the CHS logo unless they are an approved vendor. There is a vendor selling online that has not received school permission, he said, and donates nothing back to the schools from sales.

Campanelli also noted that many other teams in town are using different vendors as well. School board members said they would like to know who those vendors are, asking Campanelli to coordinate the gathering of information.

School Committee member Karen Freedman said she liked the idea of continuing the contract that CVS is using with Pennsylvania company My Town Originals, keeping gear available in local stores, and committee members then asked Sup. Bob Mitchell to contact the vendor and work out a better commission deal than the 7 percent the district is currently receiving on wholesale sales. Impact would then contribute the same commission, likely 12 percent, back to the schools.

The Breeze previously reported that on July 27, My Town Originals sent a check to CHS totaling $129.46, representing 7 percent of the $1,849 wholesale cost of items sent to CVS.

According to Mitchell, the Cumberland Athletic Department currently receives 10 percent of every sale from Impact Custom Apparel. The money from Impact sales goes to the department at the end of each season, he said.