De la Cruz releases campaign statements

De la Cruz releases campaign statements

NORTH SMITHFIELD – Jessica de la Cruz, Republican candidate for Senate District 23 covering Glocester, Burrillville and North Smithfield, released the following campaign statements:

• Burrillville power plant: “Officials seem deaf to the protests and objections to a second power plant that will add three tons of formal hazardous pollutants each year and affect over 100,000 people, predominately from our district.”

• Fiscal responsibility: “The taxpayers of Rhode Island should never be held responsible for paying on a bond on which they did not vote, such as in the 38 Studios debacle. I will vote to reduce taxes and limit spending.”

• Protecting the Constitution: I take seriously my pledge to defend our state and federal Constitutions. Protecting citizens and their freedoms and rights will be my primary responsibility.”

• Transparency and accountability: “Even the left-leaning R.I. Public Interest Research Group gave R.I. a ‘D’ for its transparency in spending. I support ethical leadership and representation; no more backroom deals.”