Thanks for Marine Academy help, Mayor Lombardi

Thanks for Marine Academy help, Mayor Lombardi

We the undersigned 7th grade students enrolled in Birchwood Middle School’s Marine Academy summer boat-building and sailing program would like to personally thank Mayor Charles Lombardi for his support in sponsoring this Marine career training program.

He came to the rescue when our funds to sustain this program were abrubtly curtailed. He also provided additional financial support for the 8th grade program sponsored by RIMTA and the Governor’s Workforce Board. We learned many skills during the duration of this five-week program including shop safety, proper use of hand and power tools, and proper repair and restoration techniques using epoxy and fiberglass.

During this five-week course we were able to complete the following: the sailing dock at Camp Meehan located at Notte Park, a new support stand for our sailboats, the restoration of two 12-foot sailboats, the completion of a 12-foot Bevin Skiff and the complete overhaul and restoration of a fiberglass rescue boat that will serve both our sailing program and North Providence’s police and fire departments.

We also had a great deal of fun learning to sail! We finally would like to thank our instructors, Mr. Marciano, and Mr. Bento.

Taj Webber,

Jayce Barnes,

Lana Cunningham,

Denzel Allotey,

Meghan Witt,

Cheyann Hazard,

Bella Salvador,

Logan Giuliano,

Jack Spinella,

Christian Hazard,

Selina Yang,

Isabella Goetz,

Charles Ashton,

Elicya Alves,

Angelina Rebello,

Mia Rocchio, 
Jalen Tomlinson

North Providence