For him, BVP was ‘right fit’

For him, BVP was ‘right fit’

Six years ago, there was a letter to the editor in The Valley Breeze, regarding “the right fit” (or a child) in a school. In a nutshell, the letter explained how this parent had three children in three different schools in Lincoln’s district. It highlighted the constant pros and cons (mostly cons) of charter schools like Blackstone Valley Prep. This editorial explained why they chose BVP for one of their three children. This parent was not sure they were making the right choice, if BVP was going to be the “right fit”, if it offered the right curriculum for their son. The children had different needs, different ways of learning. I am one of the three children.

My parents made a decision to send me to BVP. For six years, I have attended BVP Middle School and currently am in my junior year at the new BVP High School. BVP has challenged me every day, every class, every semester, every year. I took the challenge and have been able to overcome my learning disability by dissolving my IEP this past year and am currently taking mostly all AP courses this upcoming year. I can tell you with the utmost confidence, that BVP has turned me into a scholar of integrity, of confidence and has given me self respect. The diversity at BVP has enabled my understanding of different backgrounds and has increased my ability to overcome obstacles that I need to use to succeed in the future. I still hear the cons of the charter schools and I can only say this: I wish more parents and members of the community would be more understanding and know that every child has their own way of learning and should be able to “fit” where they are most comfortable.

So thank you mom and dad, thank you to everyone at BVP, and thank you Lincoln for allowing families the opportunity to be able to have a choice for the “right fit,” for the right school, for the right way for learning for every child.

Jack Klitzner