Cavanagh speaks of candidate values

Cavanagh speaks of candidate values

SMITHFIELD – Town Council candidate and incumbent Maxine Cavanagh, Republican, said she believes that good political leaders listen carefully to all sides to learn what it will take to reach a consensus.

Cavanagh said great leaders aspire to respect different views, analyze problems, and identify solutions based on what is in the best interest of the people, not on loyalty to a political party.

“I strive to follow these principles,” Cavanagh said.

Having confidence in a leader is having faith that he or she will act in a right and effective way.

Honesty develops character and builds creditability and trust. It reveals who we are and shows our mistakes, which gives others the opportunity to criticize and reject openly.

“Those who possess integrity never veer from their inner values,” she said.

Compassion is the understanding of other’s needs so that a course of action will result in the greatest benefit to all those involved.