Police conduct compliance checks on local sex offenders

Police conduct compliance checks on local sex offenders

NORTH PROVIDENCE – On Halloween evening, Oct. 31, members of the North Providence Police Department conducted checks on those town residents identified as the most serious sex offenders.

Compliance checks were made on 22 registered offenders, identified by Rhode Island Department of Corrections Probation and Parole office as sex offenders with special conditions.

Officers made contact with 14 of the 22 sex offenders. All of the offenders contacted were in compliance with restrictions and were not passing out candy, said Deputy Chief Arthur Martins. The homes of the eight offenders not reached by police appeared to be empty and had their lights off.

In most cases, those offenders with special conditions regarding their probation are not allowed to loiter at or visit locations where children are known to be on a regular basis.

All offenders checked on during Halloween were previously arrested for criminal sexual offenses related to child victims or child porn, according to Martins. Some of the offenders checked on are labeled as Level 1 offenders, which does not require community notification.

“We want to assure our residents that we will always attempt to be proactive when it comes to sex offenders,” said Martins. “We will protect the community from harm with any means legally permissible.”

According to the state’s sex offender database, the town has eight Level II sex offenders and seven Level 3 offenders. The offenders listed have been convicted of criminal sexual conduct or other statutes requiring the person to register with law enforcement and allow for community notification. The primary purpose of community notification is to enhance public safety and protection. The offenders are not wanted by the police at this time unless otherwise indicated.

“This notification is not to increase fear in the community,” reads the state website.

“It is the belief of law enforcement that an informed public is a safer public.”